Quick Fire Q&A w/ host Andrew P. Stewart

YahdLife creator and host Andrew P. Stewart has grown used to being the one asking the questions so the team decided to turn the tables on our favorite boss man and put him in the hot seat. Check out his answers below:

Q: Okay, for obvious reasons and for those who don’t know, what exactly is YahdLife?

A: The simple answer is, YahdLife is “the life you live and how your roots, cultural background and upbringing has influenced it.

Q: To not leave anyone out of consideration, if you could interview any artist dead or alive, who would it be and why?

A: The obvious, Bob Marley… to get an understanding of who he was, what influenced him and what message would he have for the artists of today. Also, David Rodigan…He has been an icon in Dancehall for decades and has some great stories of artists of today and years gone by.

Q: What’s your favorite Dancehall song of all time? If you can’t pick only one, name your top 3?

A: That is hard, would have to pick 1 per decade, but Smoke the Herb by Bounty Killer (on the Down in the Ghetto album).

Q: Do you remember the first Dancehall dub tape or cd you bought? Do you ever go back and listen to it?

A: First was Mr. Lover Man by Shabba Ranks (I think, 30 years+ ago). When I moved away from Jamaica I left all my records and dubs and they were lost in a hurricane, but I have most of them digitally and still rock out every now and then.

Q: Which artist would you still pay to see today?

A: Too many to mention, but Beanie Man (great performer) is definitely at the top of the list.

Q: If you could banish any dancehall artist from the Caribbean, who would it be and why?

A: LOL, not going to go there, have to stay neutral.

Q: Name two artists that you would pair to record together that to your knowledge, haven’t done so as yet.

A: Bob, Buju, and Morgan Heritage… that would shell, I know you said 2 but...

Q: Lastly, if you were a Dancehall artist or DJ selector, what would your name be?

A: Well, the name I used was TUMPA given to me by CopperShaun… long story!

Well that wraps it up for our Quick Fire Q&A with Andrew P. Stewart. Maybe, with a to be continued, we can get the story behind CopperShaun dubbing him TUMPA. Stay tuned and in the meanwhile check out some videos from A.P.Ss throwback playlist and be sure to subscribe to the YahdLife podcast!!!

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